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Get a digital proof of how your custom Pop Up Socket would look. Simply email us your logo or design idea and our geeky designers will do the rest. Within hours you will have a proof.

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Pop Socket Samples | Quality Print

We print directly on our pop sockets with 100% CMYK colors for best quality print. Our sockets are not simply wrapped with a sticker. Instead, we have special printers that cover the whole socket in ink to get the design you are looking for. 

We also use 3M Adhesive glue tape on the bottom of our sockets for a long lasting stick, giving you great exposure on any phone accessory your socket ends up on. 

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What Devices Can I Use A Pop Up Socket On?

You can use our PopUpSockets on Tablets or cellphones (iPhone, Android, or any smartphone)

Besides a Grip, What Else Can I use a Pop Up Socket For?

They are widely used for jewelry and to hang items from them. Pop Up Sockets can be used on any flat surface where adhesive would stick properly. Our Pop Up Sockets are made with 3M industrial grade adhesive which is made to last long.

What custom colors can I have on my Pop Socket phone grip?


The face of our Popupsockets can have the design and colors you choose to have. In other words, a full-color design. Many companies use it for branding with their logo and a trending design or phrase.

Now this is where the cool part comes in. We are one of the few factories in China that can produce Pop Socket grips with almost any color backing. The plastic itself can come in white, black, blue, yellow, green, purple, brown, and many more colors. Just request this coloring when you place your wholesale order and send us your popsocket design. We will let you know if their is an additional fee but, on most colors their is no additional charge or minimum. Always feel free to contact us via phone or email if you have any questions about how you can customize your wholesale popupsockets.